Terms and Conditions

1. TaxBack4Students will only act as agent in relation to your tax matters for the years stated in the emails between yourself and the TaxBack4Students representative.
2. After dealing with the specified tax matters for the years concerned, TaxBack4Students will remove themselves as agent from HM Revenue and Customs records.
3. If no repayment is due at no fault of ours, we reserve the right to collect administration costs from you, which will be £20.00.
4 .The processing of the tax repayment claim takes on average 6 to 8 weeks. The repayment can take longer in cases where documents need to be sent to different tax offices around the UK. Public holidays may also affect the time for repayment.
5. We will only be working on your income tax affairs and therefore take no responsibility for other direct/indirect taxes levied by HM Revenue and Customs.
6. Payment of funds will be made to you via cheque or online bank transfer as soon as funds are received from HM Revenue and Customs. You may specify to your representative which one you prefer.
7. We are regulated by the Association of Taxation Technicians Anti-Money Laundering Regulations 2007.
8. Once a tax repayment has been processed, HM Revenue and Customs will send you out a notification letter to your chosen address. We will also receive a copy of this calculation. This means you will continuously be kept informed with what is going on with your claim.

1. I agree that all the information provided to TaxBack4Students is to the best of my knowledge and is a true and accurate account of my tax affairs.
2. I have not for the mandated years (a) approached HM Revenue and Customs about my tax affairs and been refused repayment for any reason (b) authorised anyone else to do it on your behalf, if so we can recover our administration costs of £20.00.
3. If I receive the refund direct from HM Revenue and Customs, I agree to pay over the commission to TaxBack4Students as soon as the funds have been received.
4. I agree that the repayment amount stated by TaxBack4Students is only an estimate and HM Revenue and Customs will have the final decision in all cases, unless otherwise stated.
5. If my circumstances change or any of my details change, I will update TaxBack4Students accordingly.

Helping you claim back whats rightfully yours

Send us an email with you individual tax query

We check your situation and ask to see relevant documentation

We prepare the claim and have it sent off to HMRC for processing

Once processed, we send you the money, which you can then spend on whatever you like

Welcome to the wonderful world of tax!

Hello and welcome to the world of Taxback4students - a site especially created for students who have been on a placement, internship or worked part time.

Taxback4students offers every student in the UK a free tax assessment to allow them the chance to check their tax affairs and also to claim back any tax that they may be due. Statistics show one in three of us are due back some tax from HM Revenue and Customs - the next repayment could well be yours.

To date we have claimed back hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of tax for students across the country, making us one of the best, most efficient repayment claim companies available.

Read on to see how we could help you claim back some of your tax… We do exactly what it says on the tin, no surprises, just simply tax back 4 students!

Placement students

Every student who goes on placement is due a tax repayment once the placement comes to an end.

We have helped numerous students get their tax back, whether they worked for the likes of Rolls Royce or HP, we can help each and every one of you.

Tax repayments arise for placement students as placements in the UK always span over two tax years, thus in the second tax year, the student earns less or a little over their tax free personal allowance (see advice page for definitions). This leads to a repayment situation arising.

On an average salary of £15,000, the repayment can be as much as £650 - which is definitely something to smile about.

We can go back to maximum of five tax years to assess your tax position so even if you have completed a placement a couple of years ago, we can still get your tax back. Don't miss your chance to claim back this money otherwise you will eventually lose any right to claim it back.

Lost your documents? Do not worry if you have misplaced/thrown out your P60 and P45 documents, we have a dedicated team who can contact the relevant payroll departments and request duplicates on your behalf, leaving you to think about the more important things at university, like planning the next student night out!

In summary we offer placement students:

  • A free initial tax assessment
  • A complete tax repayment service from start to finish
  • Completion of all forms and letters which go to HMRC
  • Requests for duplicates of documents from employers
  • A dedicated tax advisor based in the UK - no call centre's, no nonsense

Apply now for a free assessment, the form only takes a few minutes to complete, what are you waiting for?

Internship students

Internships in the UK are becoming more and more popular, with the large companies now allowing students to get a real insight into their chosen career path, you would be mad to turn down such an opportunity.

Internships can span between a month and three months, whatever the case we can assist in making a claim for repayment.

All we need from you to process the claim is your P45, which is issued once you leave the employment - it's as easy as that. Send this in and we will do the rest.

Like placements, we can look back up to five tax years, so even if you have completed an internship a couple of years ago, you can still claim back the tax you're owed with interest.

Lost your documents? Let us know if you have lost your documents as we have a dedicated team who will request duplicates for you on your behalf, putting you on your way to getting that repayment.

Part time students

Part time students work very hard, sometimes having two or even three jobs at a time, leaving very little time to think about the tax implications on their income. When students work part time, their tax code is the most important factor in determining if a repayment is due (see advice section for tax code examples). Having a number of part time jobs can lead to excessive tax being collected and thus puts the student in a repayment situation.

Part time students usually only work a couple of hours a week but still pay tax. If their earnings total less than the tax free personal allowance for the year in question then all the tax paid is eligible to be repaid with interest.

From our experience, many students do not keep all their pay slips and documents from their part time jobs, so we have worked with HM Revenue and Customs to allow students to get a special letter from them detailing all their income and tax deducted over the last five tax years. Your tax advisor will be able to tell you more about this service and how we can request this from HM Revenue and Customs on your behalf.